Monday, 17 February 2014

Welcome to the DPH Challenge


My name is Dr Andrew Howe and I'm the Director of Public Health for Harrow and Barnet.  In, my first annual public health report (APHR) in this role, I have taken the theme of physical activity.  The report gives the best available evidence on the importance of physical activity across our lives and also looks at a few special groups in our community. 

Each chapter is based on a different population group and I hope, provides a better understanding of physical activity for that group.  It also includes information about some of the services and projects that relate to physical activity, offered by both councils.

My intention with this report is to move beyond the more traditional recitation of data and knowledge of what the problems are in each borough, to a more interactive, inclusive, solution-designed format that allows everyone to be a part of the positive changes my team and I are trying to achieve

In a move that I hope will engage and motivate residents to become more physically active I have put forward the DPH challenge. The challenge encourages the people of Barnet and Harrow to see what they can do to become more physically active or help family, friends or others in the community to do so.

On this blog, on both councils’ websites, Facebook pages and on twitter, we will be giving helpful hints and tips such as setting achievable goals or  how to build activity into daily life or how to maintain your motivation. I hope that you will take up this challenge and share your successes with us.

Next May we intend to shortlist all challenge entries and showcase the three most inspiring stories from Barnet and Harrow each of which will be awarded a prize. Prizes will also be awarded for a community group and primary and secondary school in each borough. All shortlisted entries will be invited to attend the first Public Health Awards ceremony in Summer 2014 to celebrate their success stories.

We’re asking people to use the hashtags #dphchallengeharrow  or #dphchallengebarnet so we can find your stories and know in which borough you live it.

Good luck with your challenge



  1. Where is one able to read this report please.

    1. The report is ready to read and will be ready to download from the Barnet council website this week after the launch of the FAB programme. It is already on the Harrow Council website .