Sunday, 2 March 2014

The launch in Harrow

We've launched the report in Harrow.  One of the best things on the day was the ever popular smoothie bike.  It's a great demonstration of how a little effort can reap rewards - in this case a delicious smoothie.  Here's just a few of the people that had a go.

Councillor Simon Williams starts the DPH challenge off
A future Victoria Pendleton?  She made smoothies for herself, her brother and another little boy - all without breaking a sweat....  and then made her uncle get on the bike too
Dilip from Security at the Civic Centre had a go too
Mum does the work while her daughter waits for her smoothie
Councillor Manji Kara is looking forward to his Mango smoothie
Borough Commander Simon Ovens makes sure that Councillor Asad Omar doesn't break the speed limit on the smoothie bike
The Borough Commander shows how it's done

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